Calacatta Macchia Viola, Be a Trendsetter, Not a Follower.

A new stunning Italian marble's just landed at Max Marmi Carrara, the Calacatta Macchia Viola, original from the mountains of the Garfagnana, rich in magic and natural beauties, that dominate Lucca, in Tuscany.

The creamy background is just like a canvas for Pollock, it's a base to get amazing purple and green veins that create unbelievable book-match designs.

The shimmering structure of this material allows you to unleash your creativity, getting unrepeatable aesthetic results. Suitable for every interior application, it will make unique every ambient you will use it for, whether it's a modern kitchen, a living room, or a luxury bathroom.

Be a Trendsetter, Not a Follower.


6 October 2021
What a show Marmo+Mac 2021!

Max Marmi Carrara accepted the challenge of participating in Marmo+Mac 2021 and did so by trying to communicate, through a somewhat revolutionary booth, its vision. The new balance between man and nature has been represented by a series of volumes, symbols of the stone quarry, and the contrast with the floor of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia® […]

25 September 2021
Max Marmi Carrara will exhibit at Marmo+Mac 2021

Max Marmi Carrara comes back to Verona. Starting September 29th to October 2nd, Max Marmi will be at Marmo+Mac 2021, the most important international show for the stone industry. Verona is getting ready to host the 2021 edition, the one that we all hope will mark the return to more authentic human relations. Max Marmi […]

9 September 2021
Max Marmi Carrara on the side of CON-VIVERE 2021

Max Marmi Carrara considers the natural stone a symbol of culture and development, from ancient civilizations to the present day, and is aware that our challenge for the future will be to rebalance the relationship between man and nature, rediscovering the value of marble, a unique element to be recovered and given to future generations. […]

7 September 2021
"The Stone House", a Stephan Scholten's idea in collaboration with Max Marmi Carrara

Studio Stefan Scholten presents The Stone House Masterly ― Dutch Pavilion FuoriSalone, 5th ― 10th September 2021 The internationally acclaimed Dutch designer Stefan Scholten will be presenting his latest studio design project, The Stone House, at the Milan Design Week 2021. The architectural installation consists of different ambiances defined by wall elements and furniture made […]

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