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25 May 2021
Rosso Collemandina, always modern.

Classic Tuscan-colored marble, originally from the Garfagnana, the Rosso Collemandina is a calcareous brecciated dolomitized limestone featuring a deep red color, enhanced by white veins: appreciated since the Middle Ages, it’s been used to enrich palaces of the prominent Tuscan families, and Renaissance churches. In 1964, during the Italian economic boom, the great architect and […]

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17 May 2021
Zebrino, modern and versatile.

If we had to describe our Zebrinorange using a couple of adjectives, we’d probably choose modern and versatile. The sharp, clean, modern, and elegant lines of the Zebrino Silver are contrasted by the larger and cheeky ones of the Zebrino Blu, and by the tradition of the Zebrino Classico’s large grey ones on a creamy […]

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10 May 2021
Cipollino, a color for every design.

The gallery of the Colorati Italiani welcomes now a classic among the Apuan materials, the Cipollino. Max Marmi Carrara has selected two colors fitting for different styles and designs: Cipollino and Cipollino Grigio. Characterized by a light grey background and green veins, the first is suitable for modern design and an irreverent style. The second […]

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3 May 2021
Rosso Levanto, red elegance.

The Colorati Italiani Gallery by Max Marmi Carrara is enriched by a great classic, the Rosso Levanto, a brecciated marble originally from the Riviera Ligure di Levante, cradle of the Cinque Terre and Portofino. Its Rubin red coloration is enhanced by irregular white veins that make it an appropriate material to enrich every ambient. Its […]

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30 April 2021
#UnleashYourNature: finally, our new website is online.

The great day has come: our new website is online! Max Marmi Carrara decide to create this new web space to communicate to its stakeholder the values it believes in and to pass on those emotions that the Italian marble gives us every day. An Experience section has been designed to drive you through these […]

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25 March 2021
Max Marmi Carrara publishes its own Virtual Tour

In these harsh times for all of us, Max Marmi Carrara has been supporting its supply chain and assisting its customers. The 3D Virtual Tour publishing is a small way to stay closer and allow you to breath our company atmosphere, more than, obviously, giving you the chance to “walk” through some of the most […]

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10 December 2020
Zebrino, indisputable elegance

The Zebrino Line of Max Marmi Carrara gives and undisputable elegance to every ambient. This range of Apuan marbles is one-of-a-kind: mother nature saw fit to enhance the beauty of this stone in three different colors. Zebrino Blu, Zebrino Silver and Zebrino Classico. A line for every season.

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23 November 2020
Carapace, unique character

We present to you today Carapace, an Italian marble with an unmistakable character. Characterized by a dark brown background, is crossed by creamy color veins that create a very peculiar pattern. Our mind recalls immediately the carapace of the big sea turtles, to which the name is dedicated. Its high compactness gives to this material […]

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28 September 2020
Max Marmi launches the Breccia San Giorgio

Research for new elegant and peculiar materials led to the appearance in our catalogue of the Breccia San Giorgio. Marble with an unmistakable character, whose noisette background gives warmth to the ambient in which is used, and the white, yellow, and red veins makes it suitable for modern designs, both sophisticated and casual.

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